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GotFaith444: hahaha. i thought your icno was a ballerina for a second.
Elviondel: hahaha no
GotFaith444: well it's bottom was pink.
Elviondel: it's on a PONY
Elviondel: and EVERYONE KNOWS ponies are PINK
GotFaith444: it looked like it was twirling.
GotFaith444: i think you spent a little too much time playing with my little pony when you were little.

LithiumBoy32: mechanical pony?
LithiumBoy32: wtf
Elviondel: hahaha

frustra ted rock: i was going to im you
frustra ted rock: and tell you
frustra ted rock: that i love the song that' sin your profile
frustra ted rock: but then i saw your buddy icon
frustra ted rock: and that's way better.
frustra ted rock: ahhahaha
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