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drunk is...good? haha

starinabottle76: i dont even know who this is
starinabottle76: haha
LithiumBoy32: are you drunk again?
starinabottle76: yea
starinabottle76: i am
LithiumBoy32: oh ok
LithiumBoy32: that explains things
LithiumBoy32: in that case
LithiumBoy32: this is mike
starinabottle76: mike?
LithiumBoy32: from school
starinabottle76: i odnt think we've met
LithiumBoy32: ...?
LithiumBoy32: oh duh
LithiumBoy32: come on
starinabottle76: we have?
LithiumBoy32: yes
starinabottle76: where?
LithiumBoy32: ...on the lawn
LithiumBoy32: ?
starinabottle76: oh yea
starinabottle76: i guess
starinabottle76: haha
LithiumBoy32: I said I liked your shirt
LithiumBoy32: and you were like
LithiumBoy32: "oh thanks"
LithiumBoy32: and then
LithiumBoy32: I asked you if you wanted to go out
starinabottle76: oh yea i loved that shirt whatever happened to it?
LithiumBoy32: and you said "with YOU?"
LithiumBoy32: and I was all embarrased and left
starinabottle76: haha
LithiumBoy32: remember?
starinabottle76: oh yea
starinabottle76: sry aobut that
LithiumBoy32: no problem
LithiumBoy32: happens all the time

oh michaela.
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