Fej (fej) wrote in hahayousaidwhat,

I got in trouble for buying a push-up sucker from them once

frustratedrock: danny tom just told me that ice cream trucks' music speeds up when they drive on the freeway
frustratedrock: DO YOU THINK THAT'S TRUE?
LithiumBoy32: that depends on whether the crankshaft speed is directly controlling the music player
LithiumBoy32: personally, I think that's ancient technology and they probably play it electronically through an amplifier
LithiumBoy32: not to mention the fact that they would be really dumb to leave the music on while they're on the freeway
LithiumBoy32: I mean, how many normal kids do you know who play on the freeway and would be enticed to buy expensive ice cream from a speeding ice cream truck?
frustratedrock: joel says "your friend jeff is full of it"
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